Chiapas Gastronomy & Restaurant Guides

Chiapas food is a delectable blend of indigenous and Spanish influences. The regional cuisine in and around San Cristobal, Chiapas differs from the cuisine in other parts of Mexico. In San Cristobal you’ll find a variety of beef, pork and chicken dishes prepared with local herbs and seasonings and often using less chili pepper than in other regions of the country.

San Cristobal offers some of the best dining options in the state where you’ll have your choice of restaurants serving up a mix of tantalizing traditional Mexican and international cuisines.

Regional specialties include tasajo (thinly sliced beef marinated in an achiote chili sauce), chicken with mole (sauce prepared with chili peppers, spices and chocolate) and pork with pipian (pumpkin seed sauce). Local artisanal cheeses are produced in the town of Ocosingo and seafood and dried shrimp are common in towns and villages located out along the coast.

Beverages unique to Chiapas include pozol (a corn based beverage flavored with chocolate or sugar) and tazcalate (a beverage made from ground toasted corn, chocolate, sugar, cinnamon and achiote).

Time for a coffee break? Cafe Museo Cafe is both a cafe and museum in San Cristobal that documents the history of coffee cultivation in the highlands of Chiapas. This museum is run by a local cooperative and supports community-based indigenous coffee production in the region. One of Chiapas’ top attractions, the museum offers tastings of locally produced organic Chiapas brews.

You can also visit coffee plantations in the Chiapas highlands to get a firsthand look at the production process. Several fincas (farms) are located along Mexico’s ruta de cafe (coffee route) outside the town of Tapachula. These Chiapas attractions offer guided tours, lodging and insight into some of the innovative new eco-conscious farming practices that are being implemented in the region. /


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