Sharing Journey Mexico’s Values

So let’s get real and honest. None of us have time for fluff these days. In business terms, we’ve found about as close to the worst case scenario as we could have ever imagined; with total uncertainty about when we will be able to market, sell and deliver unforgettable travel experiences again. Fortunately, our foresight and solid financial planning gives me great confidence that we will weather this perfect storm that has all but sunk the travel industry. So, why then do I wake up with a jump in my step and an excitement to get to work? The answer is YOU.

I’m just plain fired up to continue to face this challenge with my team, colleagues, clients, and suppliers as we all struggle to find our way through this extraordinary moment in our lives and the world. I’m inspired by my team, who despite reduced pay have redoubled their efforts and commitment (not to mention their heroic volunteering to bring relief to Mexico’s most vulnerable communities). The collaborative spirit of the whole industry reaches new heights daily!  It’s palpable, former competitive friction has turned to open-hearted collaboration. The non-stop video conferences begin with genuine pause to ask how each other and our families are doing. The support from our clients and suppliers has been humbling and reinforced our passion for and commitment to our mission to share Mexico’s wondrous travel experiences with the world.

I know we’re all asking ourselves, “How could this happen?”  “What needs to be fixed so that it never happens again?”  “What must we learn from this momentous challenge?”  Nobody could have been prepared for this unprecedented challenge; and it is abundantly clear with each passing day that the best path forward is to work together. I’m hopeful and confident we’ll make it out the other side, wiser, stronger, more compassionate.

I get it, that this is a long hard slog that doesn’t seem to have an end in sight, so let’s focus on the journey and not the destination.
In solidarity from Mexico,

Zach #allinthistogether


Zachary Rabinor
Founder | President | CEO

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