A Mexico City Luxury Traveler Insider Podcast

Journey Mexico´s Director of Operations, Tim McBride, was recently invited to appear on the Luxury Travel Insider podcast´s panel of Mexico City virtuosos. Hosted by Sarah Groen, the CEO of Bell and Bly Travel, this episode is dedicated to Mexico´s incredible sprawling capital, a fascinating paradox of ancient and contemporary, vast and intimate, gritty and magical.

After planning to visit for just a few months, Mexico City got under Tim´s skin and he´s now called the capital home for over a decade! An expert on all things logistical in the city, Tim works closely with our guests to ensure they have a seamless and supportive experience during their time in Mexico City and beyond.

We love connecting our travelers with Mexico City´s diversity of adventures, designing personalized experiences that go deeper into the capital´s wealth of museums and art galleries, get to the heart of an exploding gastronomic scene that´s backed by over 1000 years of culinary legacy, and uncover the city´s lesser-known jewels, like the agricultural heritage of Xochimilco, a canal system that once connected the majority of the city.

Listen to the Luxury Travel Insider podcast here to hear Tim discuss Mexico City´s neighborhoods, why a long lunch is a cultural must, and his favorite travel experiences Journey Mexico can put together for our discerning guests, from the folkloric ballet to meeting up-and-coming designers.


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Ready to Visit Mexico City?

If you’re interested in visiting Mexico City, contact travel expert (and podcast host!), Sarah Groen and let her know which of our  Mexico City sample itineraries you would like to start personalizing! Trips to Mexico City start at $1,000 USD per day for two travelers. 


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