Mabel Gutierrez

Senior Travel Planner

Mabel is our first travel planner based out of Mexico City and comes to us with an impressive background. Having lived in Canada, studied in Switzerland, and worked in France, Mabel is fascinated by other cultures but says her heart will always belong to Mexico. She has traveled to many places throughout Mexico, from Tijuana to Cozumel,  but her favorite place is her hometown, Mexico City.

One of the biggest cities in the world, Mabel loves living there because of the endless opportunities of things to do. She has become Journey Mexico’s insider since she spends most of her free time exploring the city, trying  new restaurants, attending festivals, and visiting museum exhibits. Her favorite part about her job is being able to create astonishing itineraries so that people fall in love with Mexico the same way that she has.

Mabel’s Favorite Place in  Mexico? Quintana Roo




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