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Karen Lomelí
Supplier Relations Assistant
[email protected]

Karen Lomelí

Karen, an Acapulco-native, is part of Journey Mexico’s Supplier Relations team. Although she was born further south along the Pacific coast, she has lived in Puerto Vallarta almost her entire life. Karen earned a degree on business management, with a focus on finance, at Vallarta’s Instituto Tecnológico Superior. She’s been to Guadalajara, Cancún, Querétaro,  and Puerto Escondido— but her favorite spot is Cancún.

Karen shares Journey Mexico’s commitment to the people from around the world who choose to visit her beautiful country. She enjoys her job and considers there’s always something new to learn every day. An extrovert, Karen likes getting to know people, which has helped her forge good relationships with our suppliers.

During her free time, Karen likes taking a walk and go to the movies with her friends, but more than all this she loves going to the beach. She’ll often go to swim or even just to sit down and admire Vallarta’s sunsets.