Kristina Zonta
Operations Coordinator
[email protected]

Kristina Zonta

Kristina grew up in the state of Jalisco, the birthplace of Mariachi Music and Tequila, where she proudly learned to embrace Mexico’s most iconic symbols. Knowing she wanted to share this culture with the world, she attended college in Mexico City, focusing on tourism and hotels. Since graduating, she found a new home in Cancun, a place where she could connect with visitors from all over the world on a daily basis and put to use her tri-lingual tongue.

At Journey Mexico, Kristina works behind the scenes, checking and confirming all the details of our traveler’s vacations and making sure everyone, and everything, involved is perfectly in place! Although she works around the clock, when she has some time to herself, she enjoys running, exercising, and spending time with the people most special to her.

Kristina’s Favorite Place in Mexico? Guanajuato