Weekend Tequila Experience

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Venture the Mexican Magical Town of Tequila for a long weekend escape to discover the Spirit of Mexico.

This 4 day trip is perfect for an extended weekend to learn about Mexico’s most iconic emblem of tequila. Indulge in VIP experiences to create your own master blend tequila, tasting session of both traditional tequila processes and modern day, and what makes the town of the beverage of the same name so magical.




Tequila tasting – Learn about the different ways to distill tequila and taste the difference between traditional to modern processes

Guachimontones – Visit this unique archaeological site near Guadalajara

Charro – Visit a hacienda and traditional horseman with their unique culture, etiquette, and clothing


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Our trips are fully customized, allowing us to build your itinerary for any time of the year.


Our custom-tailored journeys start from $600 USD per day for two travelers. Contact us today to discuss your travel desires and design a personalized proposal with exact pricing.

Customizable Itinerary

Day 1

Arrival to Guadalajara
Arriving at Guadalajara Airport you will meet your private transfer to the Mexican Magical Town of Tequila. Rest, refresh and prepare yourself for this evening’s experience: a one hour private class where you will discover how it feels to be a master tequilero. Learn to combine the different flavors and scents of tequila and take part in a tasting of the Maestro Tequilero white, rested and aged tequilas. Supervised by an expert in the art of blending, experiment with five combinations to produce your perfect blend and take home a souvenir damauaja of your own. Overnight: Solar de Las Animas

Day 2

VIP Exclusive Experience
Today your tequila expert guide will take you on a full day exclusive tour. Prepare yourself to learn and live all about the fascinating and world renowned tequila! Your experience begins with an agave orientation in real functioning agave fields. Participate in the agave harvest with real jimadores, followed by a private tasting with exclusive access at Tequila Fortaleza  – the most traditional tequila process in the industry, made by a fifth generation tequileros.

For lunch enjoy a unique opportunity to experiences the localc uisine with a traditional meal at Municipal Market of Tequila. Following lunch, head to La Tequileña – a modern boutique distillery of the legendary Fonseca Family. Experience the differences of a more modern process and taste exquisite añejo and extra-añejo tequilas created by Enrique Fonseca, widely regarded as the most brilliant barrel blender in the industry. Later  enjoy a guided walking tour of Tequila’s Historic Center.  Overnight: Solar de Las Animas


Day 3

Guachimontones Pyramids
Today you will discover the great archaeological wonder known as the Guachimontones Pyramids. Here, you can hike to the top for breathtaking views and photos, and visit the new museum (closed Mondays). After the site we continue towards Hacienda Labor de Rivera for a delicious lunch & tequila tasting. Here you will be served a 3 course meal where the signature cuisine represents the most traditional flavors of Mexican food. Afterwards enjoy tequila tasting at the lienzo charro rodeo ring which was once the center of colorful competitions by skilled horsemen and women. To accompany will be a brief demonstration of some of the charro skills.  Overnight: Solar de Las Animas

Day 4

Departure Day from Guadalajara

Tequila Harvest

Tequila Fortaleza

Tequila Fortaleza

Tequila La Tequileña


Tequila HIstoric Center

Agave hearts

Agave hearts

Magical Town Tequila

Blue Agave Tequila fields

Solar de las Animas

Solar de las Animas

Solar de las Animas

Solar de las Animas

Solar de las Animas

Solar de las Animas

Tequila Tour and Guadalajara
Tequila, Jalisco | Journey Mexico | Pueblo Magico Espiritu de Mexico
Tequila, Jalisco | Journey Mexico | Pueblo Magico Espiritu de Mexico
Tequila, Jalisco | Journey Mexico | Pueblo Magico Espiritu de Mexico
Tequila Jalisco Hotel
Solar de las Animas Terrace
Solar de las Animas Pool Area
Solar de las Animas Patio
Tequila Jalisco Hotel
Solar de las Animas Room Desk
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