Leobardo Abundez

Operations Coordinator

Originally from the small state of Morelos, Leo has been living in Quintana Roo for the past 6 years. He came to Cancun looking for career opportunities, and with a backround in International Relations and Tourism combined with his eye for detail and fun personality, we knew he’d be a perfect fit for Journey Mexico.

Leo’s tasks at Journey Mexico as Operations Coordinator includes making reservations for clients, designing their itineraries, adding final touches, and making sure everything runs smooth while they are in country. He says his most satisfying part of the job is that he can help others have a wonderful and memorable trip, but most of all, he is fulfilling his personal dream of being a Ambassador of Mexico by sharing his passion and knowledge about his country.

When Leo isn’t busy working to ensure our guests need are fufilled at every turn, he likes to meditate, watch movies, read, play sports, and of course, travel. In addition to discovering much of Mexico, he has also visted Germany, Switzerland, Australia, Czech Republic, Hungary, and the USA. He also speaks four languages!

Leo’s Favorite Place in Mexico? Chiapas


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